Basic Wall

Basic Wall removes 80% of the sound that hits it.

The Basic Wall elements absorb sound and stop it from bouncing around your space. It is efficient in the entire range of the human voice and absorbs about 80% of the sound that hits it. It’s covered with Adora smooth wool felt which is allergy-friendly and beautiful.  Easy to install with hidden wall brackets, and screws are included so you don’t have to run by the hardware store. 

    Investing in sound absorbers is investing in your health.

    Imagine enjoying a conversation without even thinking about what the room sounds like. You cast a glance at your Basic Wall installation, and feel good knowing you’re no longer wasting energy on the echo you used to struggle with. Investing in sound absorbers is actually an investment in your own health and well being. 

    Let us worry about the technical stuff.

    How sound behaves in a space is complicated, and honestly, you shouldn't have to spend hours trying to figure it out. We have done that for you, so we can help find the right solution for your space, without overwhelming you with the technical details. If you need help, book a free room evaluation.


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