Felt Screen Floor

Reduce the echo in open-plan offices 

 Within spaces such as open office landscapes, there are a number of things to consider in relation to sound and acoustics. The composition of many modern-day offices of glass, concrete, and tiles all of which are hard materials that reflect sound. Combined with hard furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and shelves it creates an environment that leads to poor concentration and lowered productivity. It then becomes necessary to take good sound-absorbing measures.

A design that looks good! 

Floor screens and partitions are good tools to reduce unwanted sound, act as room dividers, and form a frame around different zones. Felt Screen Floor is a piece of furniture that takes the screen wall to a new level with clean design, handmade stitching details, and a soft sound-absorbing core. Its modular feature allows the screen to be easily moved around the ever-changing office landscape. The floor screen combines excellent modern design with outstanding functionality. 

Feel good with a sustainable composition 

Felt Screen Floor consists of a recyclable steel frame, filled with a sound-absorbing core of polyester and covered with Adora 100% pure wool felt. The slide on feet are designed for easy installation, no tools required. If you need help, please book a free room evaluation.


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