Five interior trends that set you up for bad acoustics

Five interior trends that set you up for bad acoustics

Have you ever wondered why your modern home is so echoey? Are sounds from setting the table sharper than at your friends house?  You could be set up for bad acoustics by one (or more) of these interior trends.



Open plan homes look great! They feel spacious and light spreads throughout beautifully. Unfortunately, so does sound. An open plan usually means an interconnecting kitchen, living room and dining area. Noise is defined as unwanted sound, and in an open plan…  that noise is free to travel around. Trying to relax in the living room is not easy when your spouse is willfully clanging dishes and pans in the kitchen.


Who doesn't love beautiful hardwood flooring and spotless gypsum walls? They sure look beautiful, but what tends to be forgotten is how they will affect the sound of the space. Sound waves reflect straight off these hard materials, causing a hard and echoey atmosphere. Essentially you lose that cosy feeling of being at home, and it sounds more like a stadium! 


Marble kitchen countertops, wooden dining tables, bookshelves, the list goes on! Furniture with hard surfaces all contribute to unwanted sound being bounced around your home. 


Large windows definitely look great and let in plenty of natural light, yet they are a major culprit when it comes to reflecting sound. Windows and glass are super happy to send back the sounds that hit it but not only that, reflected soundwaves from glass and windows can be harsh and splintery.  


High vaulted ceilings. A great visual feature but very echo inducing and probably giving your ears a rattle! High ceilings increase the volume of the room and means there is a lot of dead space above our heads for sound waves to travel around.

So take a look around, how many of these trends are messing with the acoustics of your home? 

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