Felt Tile Slanted

Designed by Vera & Kyte 2019

Get rid of the echo with a unique statement piece.


"This elegant slanted tile lets you arrange a variety of rhythmic compositions. The versatile design creates striking patterns in strict repetition or playful irregularity. 'Slanted' forms graphic rhythms absorbing unwanted sound waves flowing through interior landscapes." - Vera &Kyte 

A beautifully designed home should not mean putting up with noise and echo in your space. The Felt Tile Slanted was purposefully designed to resolve that issue and compliment your style aesthetics.

Modular design 

Felt Tile Slanted will absorb sound that hits it while keeping your space stylish and modern.  The unique design lets the material work efficiently allowing for maximum sound absorption. The asymmetrical tile will create a pattern that suits you best, whether its perfect symmetry or playful and free The modular design is easily adaptable to fit naturally into your space in both size and style. This versatile feature means it can also be used as a space divider with twice the amount of tiles for extra sound absorbency. Check out the Felt Tile Slanted pattern guide below 

Felt Tile Slanted - Pattern Guide 

Upcycled materials 

Made from the incredible material we call ‘Really’, it really is, a premium quality material created from up-cycled, end-of-life textiles designed for a circular productionThe textile industry is a huge strain on our environment because of high energy usage and water consumption. Our Really - Acoustic Textile Felt was created to reduce waste and save resources. If you need help, book a free room evaluation.


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