Felt Tile Patch

Designed by Vera & Kyte 2019

How about a statement designer piece to get rid of the echo?

Have you been putting up with noise and echo in your space because you don't want to ruin the aesthetics? You shouldn't have to sacrifice the style of your home to make it sound good. Felt Tile Patch is an efficient sound absorber with a modern Scandinavian expression. So you can have both.
"Create a patchwork reminiscent of urban landscapes. A city seen from above, blocks of housing, brickwork, tiling, or facades. The asymmetric tiles give a range of formations. a visual landscape to let your eyes rest and absorb that disturbing background noise." - Vera & Kyte 

Design your own pattern

The asymmetric tiles can be arranged to create a variety of patterns. Make it fit perfectly into your space by designing your very own setup. To help you out we created a pattern guide where you can draw out your own design and send to us to receive an offer. Or, you can also check out the pre-designed setups below. 

Based on knowledge

The Felt Tile system is designed with principles of efficient sound absorption in mind. The tiles overlap creating a variety of thicknesses and edges that increase the sound absorption. Suspended from the ceiling, a Felt Tile setup can be placed a bit out from a wall. The air gap will highly increase the sound-absorbing effect for lower tones. The larger the gap, the better for the bass tones. Book a free room evaluation.

Upcycled materials 

The textile industry is a huge strain on our environment because of high energy usage and water consumption. Felt Tiles are made from the incredible material “Really- Acoustic Textile Felt”. It´s a premium quality material made of up-cycled end-of-life textiles. And the best part, it's designed for a circular production.