Vera & Kyte - Designers Reflections

Vera & Kyte - Designers Reflections

Designing Acoustic products that actually look good is not an easy task! We sure know cause we've strived to do so for years. Acoustics is such an important part of how we experience a room, but is often neglected and ignored as aesthetics come first. 
We don’t think you should have to choose between a room that looks good and a room that sounds good. We believe you can have both, but we also realised that to achieve this we needed help. So we reached out to the designer duo Vera & Kyte.

By far, one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!  
The result of our first project together is Felt Tile Slanted.
And we will never forget the presentation where Vera and Åshild wowed us with slide after slide of different patterns that Felt Tile Slanted can create!
Working with V&K has been a refreshing experience, but we were curious. How have they experienced this process? What inspired them to take another look at Felt Tile?

“One of the reasons why we found this project intriguing was the passion Rom and Tonik show for what they do. It has also been inspiring to work with such a young company, as we have been given the opportunity to help shape the creative direction as well as the product itself. The dialog has had a natural flow to it, and we have been included in a way that gives us a special feeling of ownership to the project. Knowing so much about the product, down to where the materials come from and who makes it is both inspiring and assuring for us as designers.”
- Vera & Kyte

Photo: Vera & Kyte

"When Birgitte first reached out, we researched Rom & Tonik online. We found Felt Tile intriguing, as we saw the potential of the fundamental principles in the suspension system.
The challenge was to find a shape with a unique expression, but also make adaptable to a large variety of spaces and styles. We also had to make sure that the core sound absorbing properties were maintained. We wanted to create a large spectrum of expressions with a simple and elegant shape and found the right rhythm with the shape we named Slanted.
It is interesting to see the values of R&T reflected in the way they work, and how their honesty and ethics influence the entire design process."
- Vera & Kyte
About The Designers
With a curious approach to design, V&K continue to explore new materials and aesthetics in all their projects ranging from objects to spatial design.

We are truly impressed by how they have managed to fulfil our long list of requirements with such an elegant solution. And very thankful for our continued cooperation. You just wait and see ;)

See more of their work here.


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