Improving the sound in an Art Nouveau interior

Improving the sound in an Art Nouveau interior

Finding a good way to add sound absorbers to a grand Art Nouveau interior may seem impossible, but Felt Tile Slanted made it easy!

Felt Tile Slanted at Hotel 1904, Ålesund

For Hotel 1904 in Ålesund, Vera & Kyte have designed a Felt Tile Slanted set up that perfectly compliments the old and grand interior.

A little historical treat

Hotel 1904 has a proud history as the first hotel ever to be built in Ålesund.
It burnt to the ground together with the rest of the city in the great fire of 1904.
The hotel was amongst the first houses to be rebuilt after the fire, as everyone who helped rebuild the city needed a place to stay.
The city rose again as German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm lI sent ships with aid for the people of Ålesund. With the ships came building materials, workers and Architects who drew the entire city in the style of their time, Art Nouveau.

The Architects Vision

Architect André Klevbergs vision is to merge the old building with modern design and create a space where the locals of Ålesund and travellers of the world, can have a cup of coffee side by side. Their vision is to shape a natural place for people to meet and this way make it a living, breathing space where people connect.


Felt Tile Slanted Set Up - Vera & Kyte Photography - Johan Holmquist Styling - Åshild Sævik
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