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Fabric Sample - Adora Wool Felt

Fabric Sample - Adora Wool Felt

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Adora is a slim and versatile felt made of 100% natural wool. This wool felt is a very suitable cover on sound absorbers. 

*When it comes to wool we can get real geeky, real fast. Adora has some fantastic technical properties that synthetic textiles can only dream of. It is naturally flame retardant, hypoallergenic sound dampener and it can even help balance air humidity. No wonder we love wrapping our products in it! 


Fabric: 100% pure wool 
Cleaning instructions: Easy to wipe. Lightly vacuum at regular intervals 
Fire code: B1 f0 S1
Made In:  Spain 
Sound Absorption: NRC=0.8
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Buy a sample set and make sure you get the colour right.