Collection: Wool Felts

As a company, we're putting the environment and social responsibility in the driver's seat. Sustainability and circularity are the only way forward.  Wool is an excellent material with many technical and acoustic properties making it the obvious choice for our sound absorbers. 



It's not just about the product you hold in your hands, but about where it comes from, who made it, and what happens to it in the end. That is what we designers, manufacturers and suppliers are responsible for. And when you succeed in taking responsibility, it feels really good.

Adora - Smooth Wool Felt

Smooth as a Spanish serenade and 100% natural wool. Adora is a slim and versatile felt.

Demario - Smooth Acoustic Wool Felt

This elegant wool felt is soft, refined and luxurious. It'a 100% wool and feels as good as it looks. Perfect for covering entire walls for a minimalist and elegant result.