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Is your space louder than normal? Are you wondering if sound absorbers can help, and trying to figure out how much you need and where to place them? 

Then enjoy a sigh of relief! ...and read on. We're here to get you the answers.

The thing is, there's no one size fits all answer. What your space needs depends on the shape, size and interior. Even what the room is used for and how it's furnished matters. That's why we created this room evaluation. To give you solid and specific answers.






Your room report is based on the information you send us.
To give you a solid evaluation we need to know: 

How big your room is - length, width and height

What the room looks like - Pictures help us see where to place sound absorbers. 

What your room sounds like - Wait, whaaat?!..  Please explain...  

Well, thanks to your smartphone, this is easy. All we need is a recording of a loud pop! By analysing it we can find out how long sound lingers in your space.  

Here’s how to pop it: 

Stand in the middle of the room, and make sure the room is quiet.
Then do follow these steps: 

  • Start the recording
  • take two long steps away from your phone
  • Let there be 3 seconds of silence
  • Make a loud pop!
    - You can pop a paper bag, a balloon or bang two books together.
  • Wait in silence for 3 more seconds
  • Stop the recording


When you are ready, attach the measurements, pictures and soundbites to an e-mail and send it to:



We’ll analyze the recordings you've sent us to find out the reverberation time of your space. That's how long it takes from you to make the pop until the room is quiet again. 

Based on what you use the room for and how big it is, we’ll also point out what the ideal reverberation time should be. You would want much less echo in a podcast room than in your living room for example. 

When we know;
- How much echo you have
- How large the room is
- And what the target reverberation time is
We can calculate just how many sound absorbers you need for your room to sound perfect.

Your report will tell you all of this, plus we’ll point out the best spots for sound absorbers.



To make it easy for you to shop sound absorbers we’ve created a point system. 
Your report will tell you how many points your room needs to sound good. Then in our webstore you´ll find that all products marked with a sound absorption score. 

All you have to do is shop around and gather points until they add up to the number in your room evaluation. 



Ready to find out how many points your room needs?
Send your photos, measurements and pops to:

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!